• Yumi Accessories Kit - PRE ORDER

Yumi Accessories Kit - PRE ORDER

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A complete kit to assist in a perfect Yumi Lift & Lamination. 


Contains the following in a leather look pouch. 

1 x Lash Lift & separating tool, matte black. Used to ensure eyelashes are separated from each other. 

1 x Lash Magnifying mirror, matte black. Used to ensure that all eyelashes are adhered to the silicone.

1 x Extra fine long tweezer, matte black. The extra fine tip is perfect for optimal precision ensuring that even the smallest of lashes are adhered to the silicone. 

1 x Curved Lash Tweezer - matte black. Specially designed to seperate & flatten lashes its curved tip allows precision work even for the inner & outer corners of the eye. 

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